The Wisdom Of Giving

Wealth is something that is desired by humans. In attaining wealth, at times friends become foes. Because of wealth, siblings would turn against each other. Due to the greed for wealth, one forgets about halal and haram. While engrossed in attaining wealth, the ibadah (worship) unto Allah gets neglected. These are among the challenges pertaining to wealth.......

Zakat on Trade.

The majority of scholars among the companions, the followers, the generation after them, and the jurists who came subsequently held that zakat on merchandise is compulsory. Abu Dawud and al-Baihaqi relate that Samurah ibn Jundub reported: "The Prophet used to command us to pay sadaqah from [the goods] we had for sale." Ad-Daraqutni and al-Baihaqi relate that Abu Zharr reported the Prophet saying: "There is sadaqah on camels, sheep, cows, and house furniture." Ash-Shaf'i, Ahmad, Abu 'Ubaid, ad-Daraqutni, al-Baihaqi, and 'Abd ur-Razzaq relate that Abu 'Amr ibn Hammas reported from his father that he said: "I used to sell leather and containers. Once, 'Umar ibn al-Khattab passed by me and said: 'Pay the sadaqah due on your property.' I said: 'O Commander of the Faithful, it is just leather.' He replied: 'Evaluate it and then pay its due sadaqah.' ".....

Zakat on Retirement Accounts?

I have a question about zakat on retirement-saving accounts. As you know these are retirement plans that many companies offer to their employees. Sometimes, the employee has to contribute to it to be eligible for any withdrawals or sometimes companies deposit money for their employees. Either case employees are not supposed to take money out of these accounts until he/she retires. My question is: Should I pay zakat on that money, or it is better to wait until I retire, and get access to it?......

Skim Kafalah Muzakki (Khairat Kematian) meringankan beban waris pembayar zakat PPZ-MAIWP

Zakat Institution of Federal Territory, PPZ (Malaysia) provides assistance to family members of the deceased muzakki (zakat payers).

Tn.Hj Ustaz Ahmad Shukri Yusoff (CEO PPZ-MAIWP) menyampaikan sumbangan Skim Kafalah Muzakki (Skim Khairat Kematian) kepada waris Allahyarhamah.


Sebentar tadi, PPZ-MAIWP yang diketuai oleh Ketua Pegawai Eksekutifnya;Tn.Hj. Ustaz Ahmad Shukri Yusoff menziarahi keluarga Almarhumah Sharini, Ketua Pembantu Tadbir, Bahagian Keurusetiaan dan Perhubungan Luar JAKIM yang telah terlibat dalam kemalangan maut ketika dalam perjalanan pulang dari pejabat semalam.

Rombongan kami disambut oleh suami Almarhumah, En. Rozali Mohamed Yunus (yang juga merupakan anggota Polis Bantuan yang bertugas di Bangunan JAKIM), anak-anak serta ibu Almarhumah.

PPZ-MAIWP juga menyampaikan sumbangan Skim Kafalah Muzakki (Skim Khairat Kematian) sebanyak RM3000 yang disalurkan kepada waris Allahyarhamah.

Allahyarhamah merupakan pembayar zakat di PPZ-MAIWP yang konsisten pada setiap tahun.

Untuk makluman semua,para pembayar zakat layak menerima skim kafalah muzakki ini.Maka,beritahulah kepada waris berkenaan perkara ini.Semoga ianya dapat meringankan beban waris.


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Zakat Funds on Medical Activities?

We get frequent requests from governmental and non-governmental organizations to contribute to their humanitarian and medical activities; for example, buying a device for diagnosing diabetes, holding a conference on the conditions of the handicapped, or helping to cover the costs of the nursing staff of hospitals set up by philanthropists. Is it allowed to spend zakat funds on such activities, bearing in mind that they are spent to relieve the difficulties of the poor as well as others?