Zakat News: YEAR END ZAKAT CARNIVAL on 1-2 December 2018 @ Wangsa Maju, Malaysia.

KARNIVAL YEAR END ZAKAT (YEZ). On 1 & 2 December 2018 (Saturday & Sunday) at Usamah Bin Zaid Mosque, Section 2, Wangsa Maju.  Various programs are presented for our spiritual meal. Among them: Omar & Hana Animation Mascot, Soopa Doopa, Colouring Competition, Didi & Friends Animation Mascot, Giant Ballon, Islamic concert, Azan Competition, Grand Dhuha Salah, League of Quran, Academic Forum.

Zakat on Stocks

Stocks are part of a company's capital and the object of its profit or loss, according to the result of a company's operations. A stock-holder is considered a partner in the company, owning part of its assets, proportionate to the number of shares he owns in the total company's capital stock. He could sell his shares whenever he likes. When first issued, stocks have a nominal value determined on the first day of issue. It also has a market value which depends on supply and demand in the stock market in which stocks circulate and change hands.

Zakat Fulfilled – Blissfulness Attained.

Happiness is the objective of life for every human. Various efforts have been exhausted for the sake of attaining tranquillity, order, and satisfaction in this life. Islam drives mankind to attain blissfulness that is in accordance with the Syariah of Allah. Happiness will be attained when we fully obey all of the commands of Allah including aiding others in difficulties by fulfilling the zakat. Allah will award happiness and serenity to mankind when they are generous, concerned, and loving others.....