Berkurangkah Harta Jika Berzakat?

Ibadah zakat ini amat penting bagi setiap muslim yang tahu tentang kewajipannya. Harta yang kita zakatkan akan menjadi berkat dan bersih serta menjadi tabungan saham akhirat kita nanti. Harta yang kita miliki hanya perlu 2.5% bagi tujuan zakat dan bagi 97.5% merupakan peruntukan yang agak besar dan selesa untuk sendiri bagi kegunaan atau diperkembangkan...

Transfering Zakat to another Place?

The basic rule is that zakat collected in a region should be distributed among the needy of the same region. Ibn Abbas (one of the companions of Prophet Muhammad(ﷺ)) narrated: The Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) sent Mu'adh to Yemen and said, "Invite the people to testify that none has the right to be worshipped but Allah and I am Allah's Messenger (ﷺ), and if they obey you to do so, then teach them that Allah has enjoined on them five prayers in every day and night (in twenty-four hours), and if they obey you to do so, then teach them that Allah has made it obligatory for them to pay the zakat from their property and it is to be taken from the wealthy among them and given to the poor." [Refer Sahih al-Bukhari, hadith no. 1395]

Zakat on Unlawful (Haram) Wealth?

Firstly we should know that Allah commands His believing servants to spend on charity. Ibn Abbas states that this should from the pure, honest money they have earned and from the fruits and vegetables that have been grown for them in the land. Ibn Abbas said: “Allah commanded them to spend from the purest, finest and best types of money, and prohibited them spending from evil and dishonest money because Allah is pure and good and only accepts that which is pure and good.” [Ibn Kathir: 1/630]

Zakat of a Debt

In terms of zakat on debt, the majority of the scholars distinguish it between two kinds of debt: 1. If the debt that you are owed is with wealthy people who can pay you your right when you request it, then you must pay its zakat,..

Waqf: the Basic

Waqf means putting aside the original property and donating its benefits for the sake of Allah. What is meant by the original property is something from which benefit may be derived whilst its essence remains, such as houses, shops, gardens, etc.