Nurturing The Richness of The Soul.

The wealth that is accumulated and tons of money that are saved up in an iron safe or in the bank are not real indicators in recognizing a person as being wealthy, though the society may deem such individual as a millionaire. Throughout the day, he is swamped with the affairs of managing the wealth, while in the night he is unable to sleep, perturbed with the profit and loss made. The real rich person knows that it does not take a huge amount of wealth to fulfill the needs of the family. Even then, there are times in which his drinking and eating diet are restricted due to an illness that has lingered in the body.....

Can Rich People Receive Zakat?

Abu Daud and Nasai 'narrated that two men came to the Messenger of Allah while performing Hajj wida' when he was distributing the zakat. Both then asked for their share from the Messenger of Allah. They said, he looked at our face and observed from top to bottom. He saw us both as a strong man then told him, "if you wanted me to give you zakat I will give it, but no zakat for the rich and those who are still strong for work."