News: New Kidney are needed by 14-Year Old Boy (Malaysia)

A single mother, Aida Ghazali, 39, sought help from the public especially the individual who wanted to donate a kidney to his eldest son Muhammad Aidil Adha Muhammad Rizal, 14, who were kidney patients since the age of one and a half. According to Aida, the painful kidneys indirectly affect Aidil Adha, such as blurred vision, numbness and high blood pressure. It is understood that all these symptoms make the students at Sekolah Menengah (SM) Kampung Dato 'Ahmad Said, Ipoh was forced to postpone his schooling since January, though he realized he would be in the Examination of Form Three Assessment (PT3) next year.

Administration Of Waqf In Malaysia

The waqf (i.e. wakaf / awqaf) institution is a permanent charity in the Islamic system. Waqf is an Islamic economic tool that can enhance and enhance the socio-political of the ummah. The famous waqf is the waqf of land and waqf of money (cash). The waqf of land is very familiar in society, most of its main goals for individuals or institutions donating land for waqf are for education and Religion. Waqf of money is also a tool to improve the social economy of the ummah. Cash waqf is a form of certificate that will be offered to individuals or institutions as a way of earning money for planned projects.

News: Zakat Helps Former Army Man

The fate of the Malaysian former army man, Azmi Mahmud, 53, received the attention of Baitulmal Federal Territory Islamic Religious Council (MAIWP, Malaysia) and the Malaysian Armed Forces Veteran Affairs Department (JHEVATM). Azmi received zakat health equipment assistance from Baitulmal MAIWP while JHEVATM continued to apply for a monthly allowance of RM300.