Denying Zakat Equals Denying Faith

Malik said that a collector wrote to 'Umar bin Abdul Aziz complaining about a man who refused to pay zakat. 'Umar wrote that he should leave him alone and not take his zakat from him with the other Muslims. When the man heard of this, he felt pained and paid the zakat on his property. The collector then wrote to 'Umar making mention of this fact, and 'Umar bin Abdul Aziz wrote back (asking him) to take his zakat [Refer Muwatta Imam Malik: 1/270]

Using Zakat Money for Purpose of Qurban?

It is not permissible for zakat to be used for the purpose of sponsoring Qurban worship. This includes either buying animals or by sponsoring or giving it directly.. Generally, this is because the wealth of zakat itself has become the right of the poor and the asnaf, which exclusively allocated from the wealth of wealthy people as obligated in Islamic law. It is a special right and has been determined to be acceptable thus it can not be used for the purposes of Qurban worship.

Zakat on Unlawful (Haram) Wealth?

Firstly we should know that Allah commands His believing servants to spend on charity. Ibn Abbas states that this should from the pure, honest money they have earned and from the fruits and vegetables that have been grown for them in the land. Ibn Abbas said: “Allah commanded them to spend from the purest, finest and best types of money, and prohibited them spending from evil and dishonest money because Allah is pure and good and only accepts that which is pure and good.” [Ibn Kathir: 1/630]