Giving Charity or Repaying Debt?

I have a debt which I owe a relative. I have clear intention to pay it off and the relative trusts in me to pay it back whenever. During Ramadan, I wanted to do good and I pledged a big amount to a charity. I paid half that amount and will shortly pay the other half. Did I do something wrong that is against the teaching of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him)? Should I have instead paid my debt down? Should I use the second payment to pay my debt or should I fulfill my promise to the charity?

Zakat Funds on Medical Activities?

We get frequent requests from governmental and non-governmental organizations to contribute to their humanitarian and medical activities; for example, buying a device for diagnosing diabetes, holding a conference on the conditions of the handicapped, or helping to cover the costs of the nursing staff of hospitals set up by philanthropists. Is it allowed to spend zakat funds on such activities, bearing in mind that they are spent to relieve the difficulties of the poor as well as others?

Semua Fatwa Zakat Pendapatan di Malaysia Mengikut Negeri.

Zakat pendapatan sememangnya telah lama dibincangkan di Malaysia. Bermula dengan perbahasan tentang kewajipannya, sehinggalah perbincangan tentang sejauhmana ia dilaksanakan diterima masyarakat. Antara yang paling awal mengketengahkan isu zakat pendapatan adalah Prof. Madya Dr. Ab. Rashid Hj. Dail iaitu pada 13 April 1985 dalam sebuah program dinamakan Nadwah Zakat Negeri Kedah, anjuran Jabatan Zakat Negeri Kedah, di Sungai Petani.....