Zakat News: Zakat Help an Imam Get a New Home to Replace the House that Burnt Last August.

After a home occupied 35 years ago caught in a fire in August, Hamdan Bro, 68, and his family's dream of having a new home were finally reached. Hamdan, who is also Imam of the Sultan Abdul Aziz Mosque, received a donation of a house built near the original site of Kampung Perigi Nenas, Pulau Indah located in Selangor (Malaysia), due to the contribution of the Selangor Zakat Board (LZS), non-governmental organizations (NGOs), clubs, relatives and residents that area.

Shared Research Paper: Practice of Da’wah (Marketing) in Zakat in Federal Territory, Malaysia: An Observation.

Throughout the last five years we saw an increase in the collection of zakat in Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya and Labuan. One way this can be proven is by examine the statistics of collection of zakat in Federal Territory and it is expected the figures will continue to increase in subsequent years. You can get and read the full paper at here....

Attending a Public Lecture – Implementing Islamic Laws in Malaysia: Imagination or Reality?

On 26th September 2018, I had attended one program held in IAIS Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. This program features Deputy Chief Executive Officer of IAIS Malaysia, Assoc. Prof. Dr Mohamed Azam Mohamed Adil,  Assoc. Prof. Dr Shamrahayu Abdul Aziz from International Islamic University Malaysia; Malaysia Islamic Youth Forces deputy president (ABIM), Khairul Anwar Ismail as the panel and Research Fellow of the Syariah Study Center, IKIM Law and Politics, Mohd. Noor Omar is the moderator....

News: The Campaign of Zakat Salary Deduction Scheme (Federal Territory of Malaysia)

The Zakat Collection Centre of Federal Territories (Malaysia) Islamic Religious Council (PPZ-MAIWP) for the third year has launched a special campaign for the payment of zakat known as Zakat Salary Deduction Scheme or Thohir Scheme 2018. This scheme lasts for four months from 1 July to 31 October 2018. Implementation for This third year is a sequence of exceptional remarks received from employers of private and government companies in the previous year....

News: CSR in Kampung Sungai Kembong Hilir, Bangi Lama, Selangor, Malaysia.

The collaboration between Media Prima Berhad (MPB) through the MPB-NSTP Humanitarian Fund (The New Straits Times Press (M) Berhad) and National Defense University of Malaysia (UPNM) brought joy to five asnaf recipients in Kampung Sungai Kembong Hilir, Selangor, Malaysia. NSTP's Corporate Communications Head said the community and social responsibility (CSR) program was aimed at inculcating volunteerism through charitable work.

News: LZS & MAIK Collaboration Improve The Standard of Living of Asnaf (Chilli Project)

The Agro-Settlement Village Economic Program, in Kampung Gong Jenarah, Pasir Puteh, Kelantan, Malaysia proved successful in making chilli crops which among the largest in the state. The project executive said the agroeconomic project was a cooperation between the Selangor Zakat Board (LZS) and the Kelantan's Islamic Religious Council (MAIK), showed encouraging production rates from time to time since June 2016.