Empowering Cash Waqf (Endowment)

Waqf (endowment) plays a significant role in developing human beings, and it falls within the category of infaq (spending) and sadaqah jariyah (continuous charity). A person who gives waqf from his wealth that he loves will nurture his soul unto becoming one that is successful in scraping off stinginess and miserliness. Then, such deed will nurture compassion, strengthen the brotherhood, inculcate the understanding of utilizing wealth as the bridge that leads one to the pleasure of Allah....

Administration Of Waqf In Malaysia

The waqf (i.e. wakaf / awqaf) institution is a permanent charity in the Islamic system. Waqf is an Islamic economic tool that can enhance and enhance the socio-political of the ummah. The famous waqf is the waqf of land and waqf of money (cash). The waqf of land is very familiar in society, most of its main goals for individuals or institutions donating land for waqf are for education and Religion. Waqf of money is also a tool to improve the social economy of the ummah. Cash waqf is a form of certificate that will be offered to individuals or institutions as a way of earning money for planned projects.

Waqf: the Basic

Waqf means putting aside the original property and donating its benefits for the sake of Allah. What is meant by the original property is something from which benefit may be derived whilst its essence remains, such as houses, shops, gardens, etc.

Kenali Wakaf

Apa itu Wakaf? Wakaf dari sudut bahasa - Berhenti, Menegah, Menahan Wakaf dari sudut syarak - Harta yang ditahan haknya daripada dijual beli, pewarisan, hibah dan wasiat. Harta tersebut juga dikekalkan sumber atau fizikalnya, dan manfaat dari harta yang diwakafkan diguna untuk kebajikan khusus atau umum kepada ummah dengan niat mendekatkan diri pewakaf kepada Allah … Continue reading Kenali Wakaf