Voluntary Charity

Voluntary charity is anything given as a means of getting closer to Allah, the Most High, in ways other than what is obligatory. From this definition, gifts and other things given with the intention of fostering love are excluded; they are not classified as alms which are specially defined by some rulings of the Shari’ah. Voluntary charity is recommended at all times, especially when needed..

Prosperity In This World and In The Hereafter.

Allah has created and determined human livelihood and sustenance to be different one from another. Apart from being a test, to see whether they are grateful or otherwise, it is also a blessing of Allah to His servants who are less fortunate. Payment of zakat is one of the pillars of Islam. Through this decree, it is clear that the teachings of Islam are concerned with the rights and welfare of the disadvantaged. At the same time, it educates and controls the souls of those who are well-off from being engrossed with arrogance, pride and selfishness.

Moral Obligations

Muslim should not be subjected to derision on account of poverty. While Islam depends partly on the believer's faith and respect of decency to take positive measures for mitigating the circumstances of the poor, the Shari'ah nevertheless empowers the state to appropriate from the excess wealth of the individual when necessary what is required to satisfy the needs of his less fortunate brother....

Sponsor Orphan in The Name of Mother?

When you intend to sponsor a Muslim orphan, can you make the sponsorship to be registered in the name of your mother? Is this permissible? Will your mother be rewarded for it? The answer it is permissible to give Sadaqah (voluntary charity) on behalf of your mother by sponsoring an orphan and meeting their need. Your mother will be granted the great reward promised for sponsoring an orphan and you will be rewarded as well.

Whoever Donates Something Today Will Benefit From It Tomorrow.

A women entered upon ‘A’ishah (the wife of the Prophet Muhammad), and her hand was paralyzed. She said, “O mother of the Believers, I went to sleep yesterday and my hand was healthy, and I woke up and it was paralyzed. ‘A’ishah said, “How is that?” She said, “I had wealthy parents, and my Father used to pay zakat, host guests, and give to beggars, and he did not see any good except that he would do it. As for my mother, she was stingy, and did nothing good with my Father’s wealth. Then my Father died, and my mother died only two months after him. So I saw my Father in a dream last night, and he was wearing two yellow garments and in front of him was a flowing river. I said, “Father, what is this?’ He said, “Whoever does good in this life will see it, this is what Allah has given me.” I said, “What has happened to my mother?” He asked, “Your Mother dies?” I said, “Yes”.....