The Wisdom Of Giving

Wealth is something that is desired by humans. In attaining wealth, at times friends become foes. Because of wealth, siblings would turn against each other. Due to the greed for wealth, one forgets about halal and haram. While engrossed in attaining wealth, the ibadah (worship) unto Allah gets neglected. These are among the challenges pertaining to wealth.......

Solves the Problem of Begging

The religion of Islam is designed to guarantee the establishment of a noble as well as a virtuous society where the rich and the poor, the well-off and the needy, and the powerful and the powerless can safely coexist. Members of this Islamic society are remarkably characterized by lofty feelings be them rich or poverty-stricken.....

Giving Charity or Repaying Debt?

I have a debt which I owe a relative. I have clear intention to pay it off and the relative trusts in me to pay it back whenever. During Ramadan, I wanted to do good and I pledged a big amount to a charity. I paid half that amount and will shortly pay the other half. Did I do something wrong that is against the teaching of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him)? Should I have instead paid my debt down? Should I use the second payment to pay my debt or should I fulfill my promise to the charity?

Charity Project Gave Me The Best Gift

Looking For The Light

As a teacher in a Title I elementary school I serve students with a low socioeconomic status. My students are faced with several challenges both in and out of the classroom. Despite the many challenges they face, I am aiming to increase Social/Emotional intelligence, the understanding of feelings, and using them to inform actions. Children who exhibit healthy social, emotional, and behavioral adjustment are more likely to have good academic performance in elementary school.

The sharp distinction between cognition and emotion that has historically been made may be more of an artifact of scholarship than it is representative of the way these processes occur in the brain (Barrett and others 2007). From the minute they walk in the door of my classroom I focus on their potential and growth while they are with me. I may not be able to control their home lives, but I can certainly guide/influence their experiences during…

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Striving to Avoid from Begging Others.

Indeed, Islam highly encourages its adherents to work and strive in earning a livelihood. On the contrary, Islam prohibits Muslims from being lazy and only asks from others. This prohibition is often mentioned in al-Qur’an and a hadith, which forbids us from disgracing our honor by remaining lazy and only hoping for the sympathy and courtesy of others.....

Charity begins at home

Charity begins at home, applies to flora and fauna (plants and animals).

Cheche Winnie

Charity begins at home

Indeed, charity begins at home. Same applies to flora and fauna (plants and animals). They will both excel in their native places of origin. That’s where we got to get terms such such indigenous, exotic as well as invasive.

  • Indigenous species : applies to species that occur in a given places naturally with no human intervention.
  • Exotic species : applies species that have been introduced by humans knowingly or accidentally.
  • Invasive species: applies to species that go beyond their introduction after being introduced y humans.

Why do we move species around away from their original home?

Humans are known of taking ownership of things they love or attracted to . Whatever brings profit or anything positive. They will try to exploit it more.

  • Science and technology has brought a lot of developments in our world. Hence the need to learn more and engage in a…

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