The Obligation of Repaying The Debt.

Taking a loan (debt) is a form of mu'amalat (social and economic dealings) that is allowed by the Islamic Shari'ah to its adherents in facilitating their daily affairs. There are several conditions that have been stipulated by Muslim scholars upon the debtor and creditor so that such provision that is allowed in Islam does not get abused. Islam deems debt as a practice that is permissible when there arise genuine need and significance.....

Save Al-Aqsa, and What Can We Do…

At this time, the Palestinian territories are being severely persecuted, with its citizens being mistreated and oppressed. The Muslims in Palestine are getting suppressed and obliterated in their own lands. Last year marked the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the illegal state of Israel in the land of Palestine. Since then, thousands upon thousands of Palestinians have been murdered and injured.....

Al-Isra’ and Al-Mi’raj: How and Why?

Prophet Muhammad was fully aware that he could no longer rely on his own clan, the Hashimites, for any measure of firm support. He felt himself alone in the whole world. His few followers were no match for the forces opposing him. Yet he firmly believed in the truth of the message he was preaching. His faith in God did not waver. At this point, something unusual happened to him.....

Story Of Israa’ and Mi’raj

Haru Love Journal

Assalamualaikum and Hi,

030419. The day of Israa’ and Mi’raj.

I know most of us know Israa’ and Mi’raj, but do you still remember the whole story? What lesson can be learn?

I found this article from and paste it here, because I’m not so well to tell you the detail story. For me this article really easy to understand and really helpful. So, hopefully this article can help you as well. May Allah bless us

Do you ever imagine travelling at night?

Admiring the stars in the dark sky and flying pass the moon?

Do you ever think of how amazing it would be to move from one place to another, in just a few leaps? I’m sure you do – because I did once too – I believed I could grow wings and fly from place to place without thinking twice.

Do you ever think of meeting…

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Emulating Rasulullah’s Work Ethic

Islam encourages its followers to strive and find sustenance in life. As Muslims, we need to realize that working is an obligation that has to be carried out. It is through work that we are able to fulfill our responsibilities such as providing for our wives, children, and parents. Additionally, we are also able to perform acts of worship such as making zakat and donations....

Perseverance in The Wake of Trials

The worldly life is just a temporary life. The real life is actually the eternal life that is everlasting. Only true Imaan (belief) can guarantee that one attains blissfulness in the Afterlife. Therefore, it is truly unfortunate if there are those within the Muslim Ummah that would jeopardize their Imaan purely for the sake of fulfilling their worldly needs that are only temporary.....

Thirteen Thoughts On Writing

BREVITY's Nonfiction Blog

By Paul Skenazy

  1. Writing is an invitation to humility—you realize you’re on the wrong track, you’ve lost connection with a scene, an emotion, a voice. The return on that humility is when your imagination lets you slip into someone else’s skin. The tales you come up with tell the story you are trying to tell when you sit down to write and also the story of the years you spend working on the book. Rendering a/your life into art changes you.
  2. Trust your intuitions but trust (admit) that you don’t understand what your intuitions are telling you. They have their own truth and direction; your job is to follow where they lead. This doesn’t mean you don’t exert control, but you don’t exert as much control as you think you do. And you are often at your best when you don’t.
  3. Defend your story; don’t give up on it. At…

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Dear Terrorism


Dear Terrorism,

Maybe you believed you triumphed, but let me tell you you haven’t.
I know what it feels like when you put your all into something
And you aren’t successful.
Yes, a lot of planning goes into carrying out the killing of innocents.
So, I can only imagine how frustrated you must be.

But fortunately, for those of us who have to endure in the wake of what you did,
You actually miscalculated a few things.
These things expose your fallibility.
Indeed evil is fallible
Because it delays submission to God.
But I know all things must submit to God eventually,
No matter how long they delay it.

Miscalculation Number One:

You did not consider that Ramadaan is fast-approaching.
So on the heels of your blood-spilling,
Muslims now have a fresh, visceral reminder
Of our mortality
And I believe we will take every day of fasting more seriously,

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Deep Thinking..

Have you ever thought that the Earth you are now walking on is moving at a speed of 1,670 kilometers an hour? Have you ever thought why your hair constantly grows, while your eyebrows and eyelashes stay fixed? Wouldn’t it be bad otherwise? Have you ever thought about all the wondrous happenings in and around you? This post is an invitation to think so. Because in the Qur’an God invites us to think about the living things that He has created.....