E-Wallets : Did You Forget Us Again?

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Apps are everywhere. Everyone has a mobile phone where people start to get used to online banking, e-money, e-wallets and e-payment. All at the touch of the screen. I use it extensively and there are a few very convenient ways to survive a city without the need of actual cash in your wallet. Everything is digital and floating somewhere out in the clouds.

As I no longer use credit cards, I relied heavily on Debit Cards as my main payment medium which is linked to my Islamic Current and Savings Account. So the Debit Card deducts the amount from my account for each purchase for settlement. Technically, it is a Service (Ujr) where the Debit Card serves as a payment instrument, linked to the account based on Wadiah or Qard or Tawarruq or Mudarabah.

But at the same time…

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Alt Oasis 2019 Inspiration List: 10 Entrepreneurs to Follow

10 Entrepreneurs to Follow. It’s a nice compilation…


This week, thousands of creative entrepreneurs and social influencers are gathering in sunny Palm Springs, California, for Alt Oasis: a week-long retreat dedicated to networking, skill-building, and launching or growing an online presence or business. From content and social media sessions to branding and marketing workshops, there’s no shortage of inspiration.

Interested in meeting some of the attendees? Here are 10 conference speakers who have built their online presence with WordPress and use their websites to promote their passions and drive their businesses.

Archel Bernard // It’s Archel

Archel Bernard is the owner of The Bombchel Factory in Monrovia, Liberia. She designs contemporary African clothing using prints purchased locally in West Africa and employs an all-woman staff of Ebola survivors, rape victims, and the deaf, teaching them to sew and become self-sufficient. On her blog, she shares stories and vibrant photographs that bring her work to life.


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Save Al-Aqsa, and What Can We Do…

At this time, the Palestinian territories are being severely persecuted, with its citizens being mistreated and oppressed. The Muslims in Palestine are getting suppressed and obliterated in their own lands. Last year marked the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the illegal state of Israel in the land of Palestine. Since then, thousands upon thousands of Palestinians have been murdered and injured.....

Al-Isra’ and Al-Mi’raj: How and Why?

Prophet Muhammad was fully aware that he could no longer rely on his own clan, the Hashimites, for any measure of firm support. He felt himself alone in the whole world. His few followers were no match for the forces opposing him. Yet he firmly believed in the truth of the message he was preaching. His faith in God did not waver. At this point, something unusual happened to him.....

Story Of Israa’ and Mi’raj

Haru Love Journal

Assalamualaikum and Hi,

030419. The day of Israa’ and Mi’raj.

I know most of us know Israa’ and Mi’raj, but do you still remember the whole story? What lesson can be learn?

I found this article from aboutislam.net and paste it here, because I’m not so well to tell you the detail story. For me this article really easy to understand and really helpful. So, hopefully this article can help you as well. May Allah bless us

Do you ever imagine travelling at night?

Admiring the stars in the dark sky and flying pass the moon?

Do you ever think of how amazing it would be to move from one place to another, in just a few leaps? I’m sure you do – because I did once too – I believed I could grow wings and fly from place to place without thinking twice.

Do you ever think of meeting…

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Zakat on Retirement Accounts?

I have a question about zakat on retirement-saving accounts. As you know these are retirement plans that many companies offer to their employees. Sometimes, the employee has to contribute to it to be eligible for any withdrawals or sometimes companies deposit money for their employees. Either case employees are not supposed to take money out of these accounts until he/she retires. My question is: Should I pay zakat on that money, or it is better to wait until I retire, and get access to it?......