Zakat Real Estates and Rented Non-Agricultural Lands



The Council of the Islamic Fiqh Academy, during its second session, held in Jeddah (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia), from 10 to 16 Rabiul Thani 1406 H (22-28 December 1985);

Having looked into the studies presented about Zakat real estates and rented non- agricultural lands >>, and
After thorough and in-depth deliberations which covered the subject from its different aspects, it became evident that :

No clear statement is traced which levies Zakat on real estate and rented lands.

Similarly, no statement has been reported levying current Zakat on the yield of real estate and non-agricultural rented lands.

The Council RESOLVES :

No Zakat is levied on assets of the real estate and rented lands.

Zakat is due and payable on its yield, which is one-fourth of the one-tenth (2,5%), after the elapsing of one year period from the date of its actual receipt, if all other conditions are present and no impediments exist.

Verily, Allah is All-Knowing

Author: Abu Tariq Abu Tariq Muhsin is a zakat officer for Zakat Centre of Federal Territory of Malaysia. A writer, researcher and publisher of various writing focusing on Zakat & Islamic studies.

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