Islamic Economic

All Parts of Kitab Al-Kasb Series by Al-Shaybani

There are 50 parts in Kitab Al-Kasb. Click the Link-chapter below to start reading.

Part 1: The Linguistic Meaning of ‘Earning’

Part 2: The Legal Status and Virtue of Earning a Livelihood

Part 3: Earning a Livelihood is the Way of the Messengers

Part 4: Two Types of Earning and Their Legal Status

Part 5: The Permissibility of Lawful Earning and the Aberrancy of Some of the Sufis in Forbidding It.

Part 6: Mention of the Arguments for the Permissibility and Commendation of Earning.

Part 7: Invalidating the Obfuscations of Some of the Sufis in Regard to Their Prohibition of Earning.

Kitab Al-Kasb (Part 8): Taking Recourse to Cause Does Not Negate Reliance.

Kitab Al-Kasb (Part 9): The Obligatoriness of Earning the Indispensable Amount and the Aberrancy of the Karramites for Denying It.

Part 10: Proof for the Obligatoriness of Earning up to the Indispensable Amount and Rebuttal of the Obfuscations of the Karramites in Denying It.

Part 11: Is Occupation with Earning Better or Devotion to Worship?

Part 12: Is the State of Indigence Better or the State of Affluence?

Part 13: Is Gratitude for Wealth Superior or Patience in the Face of Poverty?

Part 14: The Ranks of Earning and Their Legal Rulings.

Part 15: Permissibility of Earning to Amass Wealth, though Safety Lies in Not Doing So.

Part 16: In Earning There is the Meaning of Cooperation in Acts of Devotion.

Part 17: Permissibility of Lowly Earnings.

Part 18: Types of Earnings.

Part 19: Agriculture is Not At All Reprehensible

Part 20: Is Commerce Superior or Farming?

Part 21: The Obligatoriness of the Quest for Knowledge.

Part 22: The Obligatoriness of Conveying Knowledge and Delivering It to People.

Part 23: The Importance of the Quest for Knowledge and the Manner of Its Need.

Part 24: What is Obligatory to Expound of Knowledge and What Is Not Obligatory

Part 25: Mention of the Individual Obligation and the Communal Obligation, and that Conveying Knowledge to People is a Communal Obligation

Part 26: Conveying the Virtues and Preferences is Also an Obligation

Part 27: Negating the Obligation of Narrating Everything a Jurisprudent Heard, and the Explication of This Position.

Part 28: Matters by Which the Bodies of the Children of Adam are Supported.

Part 29: Wisdom in Allah’s Ordaining the Livelihoods of Servants through Apparent Causes.

Part 30: Permissible Earning is in the Category of Cooperation on Devotion and Obedience

Part 31: The Problems of Provisioning: Eating and Drinking.

Part 32: Covering the Private Parts.

Part 33: The Obligation of Providing Containers to Transport Water to Women.

Part 34: Warning Against Abstaining from Eating, Drinking and Taking Shelter.

Part 35: Impermissibility of Spoiling Food and Squandering It.

Part 36: Types of Squandering in Food.

Part 37: Prohibition of Conceit, Bragging and Vying for More.

Part 38: Extravagance and Temperance in the Matter of Clothing.

Part 39: Abomination of Seeking to Be Perpetually Satiated with Food.

Part 40: Abomination of Starving the Self Except for a Sound Purpose.

Part 41: The Obligation to Feed the Needy and the Mention of Its Elucidation

Part 42: Obligation of Asking in an Exigency if One is not Capable of Earning.

Part 43: Elucidating that the Giver is Superior to the Taker, and Its Elaboration at Length.

Part 44: The Believer is Rewarded for Providing for Himself, and for His Family and Others

Part 45: Reward and Reckoning, and Reprimand and Penalty with Respect to Spending in Its Various Aspects.

Part 46: Types of Activities of the People of Legal Responsibility and Their Discussion at Length.

Part 47: The Abhorrence of Wearing Silk and Its Dispensation in Time of War.

Part 48: Legal Ruling on Plastering Mosques with Gypsum and the Like

Part 49: Permissibility of Beautifying by Wearing the Finest and Best Garment

Part 50 (FINAL PART): Dispensation in Comfortable Living and Enjoyment of Pleasures, together with Safeguarding against Committing the Forbidden, and Heedfulness in Discharging the Obligatory Duties


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