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The 10,000 Rule

Pointless Overthinking

multitasking vs quick switchDrawing by Adrian Serghie

Malcom Gladwell came up with this idea that it takes somewhere around 10000 hours of practicing to get good at something. I don’t know how does this sound for you, but it makes me freeze. I did the “math” and 10,000 hours translate into 417 days (24/7) or 1250 days if we work 8 hours per day on that “something” (working every day). This is crazy, but it makes sense. This differentiates between average and great.

This scares me, but it also excites me because this means that someone needs to have a strong motivation to get really good at something. It means that the best things are created with sweat, blood, love and dedication.

Before starting to work on any new idea, I believe the following question would be helpful: Am I willing to work at least 10,000 hours on this? The answer should provide…

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