Every Wednesday, I will share a part of the translation of the book Kitab Al-Kasb (the book of Earning a Livelihood) written by Muhammad Ibn Al-Hasan Al-Shaybani.

Part 37: Prohibition of Conceit, Bragging and Vying for More.
A conceit is forbidden, for it is narrated that the Prophet has said to al-Miqdad in respect of a garment that he wore, “Beware of conceit” [Narrated by al-Nasa’i, Ibn Majah and al-Bukhari]. In another hadith, “And sufficiency is not censured.”

Bragging and vying for more are forbidden, because of the statement of Allah, “Know that the life of the world is but diversion and distraction, and ostentation and boasting among yourselves, and striving for more and more property and children. It is like rain whose growth pleases the tillers then dies out and you see it turn yellow, and then it crumbles. In the hereafter, there is sever agony, and forgiveness from Allah, and acceptance. So what is the life of the world but the stuff of deception?” [Al-Quran, surah Al-Hadid, verse 20]. And Allah mentions this by way of censuring for that reason. He, the Most High says, “And do not be generous expecting much but be constant for your Lord” [Al-Quran, surah Al-Muddaththir, verse 6-7].

And Allah says, “Because he has wealth and sons” [Al-Quran, surah Al-Qalam verse 14]. And Allah says, “Vying for more diverts you” [Al-Quran, surah Al-Takathur, verse 1]. Thus we know that bragging and vying for more are forbidden.


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