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Story Of Israa’ and Mi’raj

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Assalamualaikum and Hi,

030419. The day of Israa’ and Mi’raj.

I know most of us know Israa’ and Mi’raj, but do you still remember the whole story? What lesson can be learn?

I found this article from and paste it here, because I’m not so well to tell you the detail story. For me this article really easy to understand and really helpful. So, hopefully this article can help you as well. May Allah bless us

Do you ever imagine travelling at night?

Admiring the stars in the dark sky and flying pass the moon?

Do you ever think of how amazing it would be to move from one place to another, in just a few leaps? I’m sure you do – because I did once too – I believed I could grow wings and fly from place to place without thinking twice.

Do you ever think of meeting…

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