How to Have Khushoo’ in Salah

How to have Khusyuk in Salah (Solah)..

Hikmah Central

Have you ever completely zoned out in Salah despite your intention to focus? I can’t count the number of times I have started praying with the intention to focus only to snap out of my daydream right before the Tasleem. Tired of my constant lack of focus in the most important act of worship, I decided to find a practical solution; hence this guide to Khushoo’ in Salah.

I took a few points from “33 Ways of Developing Khushoo’ in Salah,” a book I highly recommend. You might actually be better off reading this book than reading my post.

Khushoo’ is generally defined as humble submissiveness. One who has Khushoo’ has an alert heart before Allah and is filled with awe, tranquility, humility, and submissiveness during Salah. According to a Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad , Khushoo’ will be the first thing to leave this Ummah.


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Author: Abu Tariq Abu Tariq Muhsin is a zakat officer for Zakat Centre of Federal Territory of Malaysia. A writer, researcher and publisher of various writing focusing on Zakat & Islamic studies.

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