Zakat, Sadaqah: Zakat

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Asalamualaykum brothers and sisters! Today we are going to be talking about Zakat. When I say Zakat, the immidiate thought is ‘money’ because when you give zakat, you give money. Am I right or am I right? But the question is, why do we give is zakat? Well, the answer to that question is right over here! And a couple of other questions…

Zakat is one of the major religious duties in Islam. Literally, zakat means to “purify”. It refers to the purification of a believers’ wealth and soul. Wealth purification denotes the mobilization of assets for the purpose of financial growth and justified distribution. Purification of the soul implies freedom from hatred, jealousy, selfishness, uneasiness and greed. Other Quranic connotations also include the purification of sin.

In a way, you are right when you say that Zakat is giving money. But, you are wrong as well. Zakat is…

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