National Zakat fund in the works in Tunisia

National Zakat Funds in Tunisia. Nice info.


The Tunisian Association of Zakat Sciences has proposed amendments to the Finance Bill 2019 for the establishment of a national Zakat fund — a potential financing tool for the government in dire need of new sources of funding as austerity measures weigh heavily on people’s shoulders. MARC ROUSSOT writes.

Violent protests over unemployment, inflation, new taxes and a one percentage point value-added tax hike left one dead in January and triggered fears of broader unrest in the country where the ‘Arab Spring’ started.

The government claimed that it had to enforce its harsh fiscal policy combined with a steep austerity plan as it did not have new income streams to reduce the country’s budget deficit expected to reach TND5.22 billion (US$1.82 billion) at the end of the year. However, it acceded to the introduction of social measures for the poor, to restore peace.

Suggesting to tap Zakat funds as a…

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