New Year is the time when one looks back to their past years contemplating every success and failure he has committed. The concept of New Year is different in different communities, for the most community in the world use 1st January as the start of the new year, whereas we Muslims celebrate New Year with the start of Muharram, which is the first month in Islamic Hijrah.

Islamic celebrations are different from the Western celebrations because we Muslims do not blow candles, no countdown, no yelling parties nor any celebrations until late night rather we should and prefer to:

  • Observe fast to relinquish bad and hold onto strong habits at the start of the month.
  • Offer voluntary prayers in order to beseech Allah’s mercy.
  • Make a/some resolution in accordance with Sunnah and ask Allah to guide us in our plans.
  • Congregations are arranged for Quran recitation and sermons to hold for imparting significant knowledge to enlighten the hearts and minds of Muslims.

New Year Resolutions for True Believers
New LifeTrue believers are those who lay their faith in Allah and are always in-attempt to please Him through their entire course of Life. For Muslims, New Year is just an indication that another year has gone with the wind and time is nigh when Judgment will be commenced for eternal accountability.

Let us look at the resolution steps, which every Muslim should adopt prior to starting their New Year:

1. Do Things in the Name of Allah
Muslims are those who submit their will to Allah. This approach is the essence of all Islamic teachings as once you submit your will then you have no rights left upon yourself, all belong the Exalted deity.

Start each of your tasks in the name of Allah and seek His will if it is better for you or not. If dubious in any task, consult Allah by offering Istekhara, which is sheer guidance from Allah for His followers, thereupon this small approach will revamp all your New Year resolutions in the longer run.

2. Nudge Your Inner Philanthropist this New Year
shutterstock_253575019As a picture has two sides, in the same manner, a person has inner demons and angelic qualities as well. This year try to jolt your inner philanthropist by becoming a member of any reputable charity organization or donate to the mosques. Start from few pennies and then extend up to your feasibility as pebble too has a capacity to produce a ripple in the vastness of the ocean.

3. Do Good, have Good
do-good-better-1-638Man is rewarded with what he aims for and committing good with others award blessings to the person in return. Add some feasible virtuous tasks in your to-do-list and then continue it until the end of this coming year.

Teach one child that is the best thing you can do this year. It is nothing daunting but an exchange of knowledge, which is Sadaqa Jariyah!

Technology is evolving; robots have already replaced labour and work. In other aspects, this is the downfall for those who are ignorant and have no access to technology. Arrange classes for such people especially kids, in order to let them familiarize of technology and have good in return.

4. Avoid Deadly Sins
In Christianity, all the deadly sins have capital punishment whereas in Islam they are prohibited and can incur Allah’s wrath upon the one who commits it. Practice avoiding lust, pride, gluttony, and jealousy as these are the elements, which fuels the fire of hell for the person. Pride is something which is the most fathomable deed in sight of Allah and is all for Allah Himself. Lust captivates a person, persuades towards the worst, and at times trapped him in deeds, which are unforgivable in sight of Allah.

Those who think they cannot comply with all these rituals should observe fast as it shields a Muslim from all the bad and worst activities.

“Fasting is a shield. Therefore, the person observing fasting should avoid intimidating relation with his wife and should not behave foolishly and impudently, and if somebody fights with him or abuses him, he should tell him twice, ‘I am fasting.” [Narrated by al-Bukhari]

5. Set Goals and Be Positive
how-to-set-goals-1446740902Inculcate your spiritual strength and set productive goals for yourself, which are achievable. Work on yourself in order to make yourself a better human being first and improved Muslim then. Strongest among us is not the one who conquest the world rather the one who controls his anger.

Muslims were renowned for their deeds not for what they talk hence execute the practical deeds. Aforementioned are some of the steps, which can help us in accomplishing our yearly resolution in pursuit of Islamic teachings. Act wisely, as who knows, this might be our last year to breathe in.

6. Make Realism Part of Your Reality
Ibn Mas’ud reported that the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, said,

“Those who make things hard for themselves will be destroyed.” He said it three times. [Narrated in Riyad As-Saliheen No. 144].

downloadJust as moderation is the essence of Islam, so too can it make for a successful routine of personal growth and development. When we are realistic about our goals, the benefit is twofold.

First, we increase our likelihood of achieving them.

Second, we are not hindered by the impossibility of high targets that make us want to give up almost immediately. Now, some will say, “you have to dream big,” and I do not disagree, but when it comes to turning those dreams into realities, you have to act on them in a realistic way — otherwise, they will remain impossible to reach.

If we were to resolve to diet and say “I will only eat salads forever, and I am going to spend three hours after dawn every day doing exercise,” it would almost be like we set ourselves up for failure. Tempering our goals with doable, sustainable actions that work within the context of a strategic plan is the best way to go.

Pray as if everything depends on Allah, Work as if everything depends on you.

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