Is zakat obligatory in the wealth of the orphan and the insane?

The answer is; zakat is obligatory on the wealth of each of them if the person is a free Muslim who has complete ownership of his wealth. This is due to what Ad-Daraqutni narrated that was reported as a statement of the Prophet:

“Whoever is made the guardian over the wealth of an orphan, let him do business with it and he should not leave it to be devoured by charity (zakat)” [Ad-Daraqutni 2: 109 no. 1951].

This is also due to what Malik narrated in Al-Muwatta’ from Abdur-Rahman bin Al-Qasim from his father, that he said:

“A’ishah used to keep me and my brother as two orphans in her apartment, and she used to pay zakat from our wealth”.

The view that zakat is obligatory upon the wealth of each of them namely the orphan and insane person, was held by ‘Ali, Ibn ‘Umar, Jabir, A’ishah and Al-Hasan bin Ali. Ibn Al-Munthir related this from them.

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