On 26th September 2018 (yesterday), I had attended one program held in IAIS Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. This program features Deputy Chief Executive Officer of IAIS Malaysia, Assoc. Prof. Dr Mohamed Azam Mohamed Adil,  Assoc. Prof. Dr Shamrahayu Abdul Aziz from International Islamic University Malaysia; Malaysia Islamic Youth Forces deputy president (ABIM), Khairul Anwar Ismail as the panel and Research Fellow of the Syariah Study Center, IKIM Law and Politics, Mohd. Noor Omar is the moderator.

In this program, Assoc. Prof. Dr Mohamed Azam mentions that Shari’a law has been adopted and recognized before the British colonization, which shows that before it became the main law. After many years, the situation has changed and the state raised civil law to become the important law. He said he tended to take the harmonious method of the civil and Shari’a law.

Meanwhile, Mr Mohd Khairul Anwar, from ABIM, mentioned that the law would not escape the principle of human freedom. While a human has been born with freedom and glory that is the principle in Shari’a. These things have been preserved in the Federal Constitution of Malaysia. He mentioned one example is religious freedom, but the law exemplifies public interest over the absolute freedom posed by the West. He also pointed out that the issue of exit of Islam was not supposed to be due to the procedure already existed, many who wanted to quit Islam without going through a procedure in the Shari’a Court.

Assoc. Prof. Dr Shamrahayu mentions that this Shari’a law is not an illusion. This is because Shari’a is a broad thing and not just hudud. Not necessarily all British’s introduced laws need to be eliminated.

Also, the narrow perception that Islamic law is only related to hudud punishment needs to be rectified because the term actually includes a broader sense. Assoc. Prof. Dr Shamrahayu said all laws that have Islamic elements and values ​​can be understood as Islamic law.

“I think in this era, we can not say that Islamic law is just hudud. The Islamic law we understand is very broad.

“When I was at the Institute of Islamic Understanding Malaysia (IKIM), many of my friends who conducted studies in 11 areas of (Malaysia) law found that there were Islamic elements there,”

This program launch book called: “Implementation of Islamic Law Implementation Books in Malaysia: Delusions or Reality” was written by Mohamed Azam and published by Ilhambooks.

You can watch the full program via Facebook video at this link: https://www.facebook.com/IAISMalaysia/videos/vb.114683525239857/271394290380613/?type=2&theater

Or, hear my recorded audio at down below:

The Program’s Poster:1e8d6dc02986e7e13576b16a6f372759_XL


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