The Selangor Zakat Institute (LZS) is committed to providing continuous service by offering contributions to the needy of the people. Recently, LZS organized a Poverty Movement program to track the people who were eligible to receive zakat (Mustahiq) in four mosque’s kariah (an area under the supervision and administration of a kadi), Jeram Mosque, Simpang Tiga Mosque, Tambak Jawa Mosque and Sungai Buloh Mosque (all in Selangor, Malaysia) recently.

Through the Facebook, LZS said the program was implemented with amil assistant including Sekolah Kebangsaan Jeram in channelling the list of proposed names that were eligible to receive zakat assistance.

“The result of the program that many new poor and needy people who have been found to be assisted will be assisted by their welfare using zakat funds. Zakat Selangor also welcomes cooperation from all parties in channelling their information in order to enable us to identify every person if the funds if feasible,” he said.

At the same time, LZS also thanked all those involved in the program. He said the zakat would be channelled to those in need with a sense of responsibility.

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