The Zakat Collection Centre of Federal Territories (Malaysia) Islamic Religious Council (PPZ-MAIWP) for the third year has launched a special campaign for the payment of zakat known as Zakat Salary Deduction Scheme or Thohir Scheme 2018. This scheme lasts for four months from 1 July to 31 October 2018. Implementation for This third year is a sequence of exceptional remarks received from employers of private and government companies in the previous year.

During the four months of the campaign, PPZ-MAIWP will go down to meet employers and staff representatives covering the government, private sector and statutory bodies. We will hold various activities such as talks, briefings, opening zakat info counters, quizzes and so on to give an understanding of zakat in particular zakat on salary income.

Among that has been offered are umrah packages for two, a holiday trip to Beijing, China, Bangkok, Thailand, and Jakarta and Pekan Baru, Indonesia (prizes are sponsored). The participation of the Thohir Scheme or the addition of the amount of zakat deductions can be made by filling out the Zakat Salary Deduction Form at every eleven PPZ-MAIWP counters, portal, PPZ-MAIWP mobile zakat counter, or by contact telephone line 1-300-88-5757 (Malaysia).

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