The collaboration between Media Prima Berhad (MPB) through the MPB-NSTP Humanitarian Fund (The New Straits Times Press (M) Berhad) and National Defense University of Malaysia (UPNM) brought joy to five asnaf recipients in Kampung Sungai Kembong Hilir, Selangor, Malaysia.

NSTP’s Corporate Communications Head said the community and social responsibility (CSR) program was aimed at inculcating volunteerism through charitable work.

He said over a year, more than 20 CSR programs were developed by MPB and hoped that it would be more fascinating with the collaboration of more parties including higher education institutions such as UPNM.

“The CSR program developed over the last 20 years has helped tens of thousands of people. In making this event a success, we also look forward to the contribution of volunteer workforce and the contribution of corporate and private companies to the success of this event,” he said when met at the event.

About 60 volunteers were UPNM cadets and students, as well as the MPB-NSTP Volunteer Brigade in the homecoming work of cleaning and painting asnaf houses.

The program also presented donations of daily necessities and mattresses worth about RM200 (approx. USD 50) per asnaf.

Meanwhile, NSTP’s Corporate Communications Head said the program, revealed the objective of producing excellent academic and developmental students in UPNM’s ‘Leaders of Character’ motto.

He said along with Merdeka and Malaysia Day celebrations on September 16, the theme of the Malaysiaku (MyMalaysia), the program clearly portrayed the happiness of beneficiaries.

“We are proud of the cooperation with the MPB to achieve its goals and hope this relationship will become more intimidating in the future,” he said.

One of the Asnaf, Afizhullah Akhmal Sahak, 23, hopes that the introduction of this program opens a bigger route for his younger brother, Nazatul Balqis, 17 to continue his studies at a higher level by furthering his studies at UPNM.

He said that hope was most important for him after losing his mother and father who died due to health problems about three years ago.

“My eldest brother, Akhilmullah Akhmal, is the head of the family and the source of living in the family.

“I hope that the relationship through this program will be a path for my younger sister to pursue higher education institutions such as UPNM,” he said.

The five orphaned admits did not receive any help from any parties other than the Social Security Organization (SOCSO).

Hence, Afizhullah said he would seek help from the Selangor Zakat Center, and so on.

“After being informed about the opportunity by the organizer of the program, I will work towards it, especially the opportunity to pursue education for younger siblings,” he said in reference to his youngest brother, Muhamad Nur Hidayat, 15 years old.

Happiness is also clearly engraved on the face of senior citizen, Nani Miri, 83, the sole mother of a husband’s death, since 30 years ago, riding in the shade of the residence of her husband who was inhabited by a single child and five grandchildren.

She thanked for the contribution that he hoped that more parties would provide assistance to the asnaf as it may seem after this.

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