An idiot was sent one day with a jug to a wise man, to collect some wine.

On the way, the idiot, through his own heedlessness, smashed the jug against a rock.

When he arrived at the house of the wise man, he presented him with the handle of the jug and said:

“So-and-so sent you a jug, but a horrid stone stole it from me.”

Amused and wishing to test his coherence, the wise man asked:

“Since the jug is stolen, why do you offer me the handle?”

“I am not such a fool as people say,” the idiot told him, “and therefore I have brought the handle to prove my story.”

An idiot may be the name given to the ordinary man, who consistently misinterprets what happens to him, what he does, or what is brought about by others. He does this so completely plausible that – for himself and his peers – large areas of life and thought seem logical and true.

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