The Chili Projects, which is run by the Selangor Zakat Board (SZB), involved the cultivation of chilli and construction of 28 houses for the poor. It was implemented with the collaboration of Kelantan Islamic and Malay Customs Council (MAIK) and Pasir Putih Land Office (Malaysia).

This project which cost around RM10 million managed to change the lives of 28 asnaf families, in Kampung Gong Jenerah, Bukit Awang, Malaysia.

The Program’s Executive said: “Participants of the program in collaboration with the Kelantan Islamic Religious Council (MAIK) and Nestle Malaysia were given homes and land for cultivation with chilli plants.”

They are assisted in various aspects to raise family economic standards such as training and providing markets to enable them to support their families, upon completion of the program.

“In 2016, this group managed to earn RM86,062.50 (around USD20K). In 2017, RM132,518.75 (around USD31K) and we expect revenue for 2018 to rise even though the first harvest has not been collected yet, it has to been more than RM30,000 (around USD7K), compared to last year,” he said.

He also said participants would harvest three crop crops each year. In addition to chilli plants, participants also run intercropping plant generating an additional income of about RM26,800, a year.

“The participants are only given a monthly salary of RM1,200 per month and the remainder will be made round capital for the next season and the fixed deposit of the participants,” he said.

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