In Islam, responsibility can be referred to as amanah. Literally, amanah (responsibility) means being honest and sincere in doing things and being safe or abstaining from indulging in acts prohibited by Islam. Thus, the concept of amanah concerns with trustworthiness, honesty and sound moral conduct. Being amanah implies being honest, fair in dealings as well as honouring trusts and keeping promises and commitments. These are in line with the Qur’an verse:

“Those are faithfully true to their amanah (all duties which God has ordained, honesty, moral responsibility and trust) and their covenants” (Qur’an, surah al-Mu’minun [23]: 8).

Indeed, the real aim of the systematic arrangement of guidelines and regulations through amanah is intended to uphold the rights Islam gives to the believers and to avoid vice and corruption.

Islam significantly places moral consciousness and virtues on a firm footing where economic and social relations are concerned. The government as an important stakeholder must be aware that the fulfilment of moral responsibility is very central in Islam as the Qur’an declares:

“And those who are to their trusts and promises attentive. And those who are in their testimonies upright” (Qur’an, surah al-Ma’arij [70]: 32-33).

Therefore, a government is obligated to establish justice and be fair so as to formulate a law that protects the rights of the people. The government needs to take a firm stance against individuals or groups who want to influence market demand and supply in an abnormal way. The Prophet says:

“Do not solicit an office of authority, for it is given to you for asking, you will be left therein to your own resources, while if it is given to you without asking, you will be aided by Allah therein” (Narration in Sahih Muslim).

Islam seeks to establish a complete social justice from two foundations namely, the human conscience working in the spirit of man and a system of law working in the social sphere.

And Allah knows best!

Featured image source: Ben White

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