Taken and translated from https://www.facebook.com/myzakat/photos/a.146066715434757.15585.114821431892619/2131801493527926/?type=3&theater

Using zakat money for purpose of Qurban?

It is not permissible for zakat to be used for the purpose of sponsoring Qurban worship. This includes either buying animals or by sponsoring or giving it directly.

Generally, this is because the wealth of zakat itself has become the right of the poor and the asnaf, which exclusively allocated from the wealth of wealthy people as obligated in Islamic law. It is a special right and has been determined to be acceptable thus it can not be used for the purposes of Qurban worship.

According to Shaykh Ja’afar Al-Talhawi among scholars’ from Al-Azhar Al-Syarief:

1) Zakat is one of the obligations that become the pillars of Islam. It is a worship that must be perfected according to certain laws and procedures and has special implications.

2) Islam encouraged sacrifice (Qurban) except for those who vow or determine to do that. Thus, the implication of this act of worship is different from zakat.

3) Zakat should not be used as other means and must be fully handed over to asnaf. Qurban can be presented, handed down according to a fraction of a portion and a certain fraction. The beneficiary can not take from the zakat wealth for his own use, but the sacrificial meat can be eaten partly by those who sacrifice.

Another reason is the Qurban worship also targets poor people as one of the beneficiaries. Zakat also targets poor people as it was one of the categories of asnaf. So as the money saved or collected in the name of Qurban is not zakat, so also can not be used zakat money for Qurban purpose because the benefits of Qurban worship share the same category with zakat. Something that has the same goals does not necessarily overlap between one another.

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