A single mother, Aida Ghazali, 39, sought help from the public especially the individual who wanted to donate a kidney to his eldest son Muhammad Aidil Adha Muhammad Rizal, 14, who were kidney patients since the age of one and a half. According to Aida, the painful kidneys indirectly affect Aidil Adha, such as blurred vision, numbness and high blood pressure. It is understood that all these symptoms make the students at Sekolah Menengah (SM) Kampung Dato ‘Ahmad Said, Ipoh was forced to postpone his schooling since January, though he realized he would be in the Examination of Form Three Assessment (PT3) next year.

Adding to the disappointment, Aida, who runs a food business at a rented stall in a restaurant, acknowledges the current serious financial problems. Aida also admitted that she was unable to bear the cost of her inaugural dialysis treatment of her eldest son who spent RM400 a month. “This makes my monthly income only RM900 and is supplemented with a Baitulmal aid of RM400 a month. Of the amount I have to pay home rent RM400 a month, the cost of treatment Aidil Adha (RM400) and the balance are used for other expenses,” she said, adding that she herself had to postpone Aidil Adha’s schooling because his son was forced to undergo a small operation. “I stopped Aidil Adha from school last January for undergoing a small surgery. The purpose of the surgery is to insert tubes into the kidneys to facilitate the process of inserting water to wash the kidneys themselves at home,” she said.

People who want to donate can do so through Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN Malaysia) account on behalf of Aida Ghazali 0810041000205479 or contact Mohd Rawi at +6019-5168338. Aida added that the rent payment for his home was also donated for two months due to financial constraints faced by her at the moment. However, she was fortunate that the landlord allowed her family to stay there, as well as the help of the people who contributed goods such as home appliances and furniture.

Thanks to all those who help, thanks to the very understanding landlord.

Similarly, the mosque community in Kampung Tengku Hussein for their previous contributions, she said.

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