Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessing upon him) was, during the most part of his life, not a rich man. He did not live in a mansion. He did not have a closet full of dazzling clothes. In fact, some of his clothes even had patches on them to cover the holes that have appeared.

A good woman decided to sew the Prophet a beautiful new cloak.


He was indeed very happy and said “Alhamdulillah.” He wore it almost immediately because he needed it so very much. All the other clothes that he had have been quite old or almost worn out. One day, a sahabah (a companion) saw the Prophet (peace and blessing upon him) wear that lovely new cloak. He cheerfully commented,”SubhanAllah. Amazing. What a beautiful cloak you’ve got there, O Prophet. I wish that you could give it to me.”

The Prophet (peace and blessing upon him) smiled, took off his cloak and gave it to the sahabah as a present. He then went on home.

Then, the other sahabahs who saw or heard about what happened started to taunt those particular sahabah. “Don’t you fear Allah? Can’t you see that the Prophet (peace and blessing upon him) badly needed a new cloak? Why did you ask the Prophet (peace and blessing upon him) for his cloak? You know he is very extremely generous. He wouldn’t reject anyone who asks him for anything that he has. He always likes to make us happy.”

Such was the character of the Prophet (peace and blessing upon him). He was a selfless, benevolent, caring, kind, charitable, thoughtful man. He always thought of others. If someone seemed to be needing something more than him, he would, in a heartbeat, donate the thing to that person. Even if he had just gotten the thing as a gift.

“By Allah, I did not ask for it so that I can wear it. I asked him for the cloak because I want to be buried in it,” said the sahabah.

Sure enough, the sahabah did die shortly after the incident. The sahabahs bathed him and buried him shrouding him with the cloak that once belonged to his beloved prophet.

Reference: Fashion & Selfishness – Sheikh Assim Al Hakeem (

Image Sources: Trang Nguyen  Jeremy Perkins

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