13 July 2018

The Kedah Zakat Board (LZNK) in collaboration with the management of the district mosque holds a food placement centre in Padang Terap, Kedah, Malaysia. Padang Terap LZNK’s Officer said that they have selected nine out of 34 mosques in the district to become the centre of food supply.

He said the centre of food supply was set up to assist the poor in the district by channelling basic goods and necessities.

“We have appointed nine mosques in this area to distribute those essentials to those who deserve it. For those who want to get help, they need to meet the Imam of the mosque and get a coupon to pick up a food aid set. Each month LZNK allocates 30 sets per mosque,” he said.

The appointed mosques are Masjid Tandop Besar, Masjid Lubuk Merbau, Masjid Kampung Masjid, Masjid Tong Pelu, Masjid Padang Cenderai, Masjid Tanjung Kiri, Masjid Bendang Raja, Masjid Kampung Tengah dan Masjid Pulau Kijang. All in the state of Kedah, Malaysia.

In the mean time, seven Islamic agencies in Sarawak, Malaysia received contributions totalling RM55,000 (Approx. USD13,500) for their welfare, social and recreational clubs to carry out their activities.

The recipients were Sarawak Islamic Council’s Welfare and Recreational Club (KARISMA), Sarawak Islamic Religious Department’s (HQs) KESUJA, Mufti Department’s Staff Welfare Club, Islamic Information Centre’s Avicena Club, Syariah Court’s Welfare and Recreational Club, Tabung Baitulmal’s Club and Sarawak Islamic Religious Department’s Sports and Recreation Club.

Assistant Minister for Rural Electricity, Dr Abdul Rahman Junaidi who is tasked in assisting the Chief Minister in looking after Islamic agencies in the State presented the cheques to the recipients.

Dr Abdul Rahman said the RM55,000 were from his own allocation. He said each agency was allocated RM5,000.

He also disclosed that of the RM55,000, a sum of RM20,000 was allocated to Mosque Board of Trustees to organise the Islamic Agencies Annual Sports Meet to be held at the end of this month.

The Sports Meet will some 400 participants and the events to compete are bowling, badminton, futsal, petanque and chess.

The presentation of the cheque was held at State Legislative.

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