Kitab Al-Kasb (Part 12): Is the State of Indigence Better or the State of Affluence?

This question (refer Part 11) is based on another question over which (resolution) there is disagreement among the scholars, and this (other question) is that whether the state of indigence is superior or the state of affluence? Our legal position is that the state of indigence is superior, while some of the other scholars say that the state of affluence is superior.

Cats According to The Sunnah Islam

An example as to how Muslims are punished for mistreating cats can be found in the hadith (oral traditions telling the story of the Prophet Muhammad and which have been recorded in writing). When a woman kept a cat locked up and failed to feed the cat until the cat died, the woman was tortured and "put to hell.”

Kitab Al-Kasb (Part 11): Is Occupation with Earning Better or Devotion to Worship?

Thereafter another question is built upon this question (of earning), and this is that after earning what is necessary for oneself, is further occupation with earning better or devotion to worship? Some jurisprudence says, "Occupation with earning better," whereas most of our teachers are of the view that devotion to worship is better.

Berkurangkah Harta Jika Berzakat?

Ibadah zakat ini amat penting bagi setiap muslim yang tahu tentang kewajipannya. Harta yang kita zakatkan akan menjadi berkat dan bersih serta menjadi tabungan saham akhirat kita nanti. Harta yang kita miliki hanya perlu 2.5% bagi tujuan zakat dan bagi 97.5% merupakan peruntukan yang agak besar dan selesa untuk sendiri bagi kegunaan atau diperkembangkan...