Helping The Ummah Brings Goodness.

With the coming of the month of Ramadhan, let us altogether undertake Ramadhan and transformation towards strengthening Islam with istiqamah (steadfastness) in becoming better in terms of aqidah, Shari‘ah, and akhlaq (mannerisms). Therefore, a mu’min (believer) that is successful and outstanding will always resort to transformation within the self, in attaining a life that is better and successful as Allah mentions....

Celebrating Diversity, Form, and Voice: National Poetry Month

National Poetry Month in the United States and Canada!


It’s National Poetry Month in the United States and Canada! Every April, the Academy of American Poets organizes a month-long celebration of poetry to increase awareness and appreciation of poetry. Today we join in the festivities by featuring some poetry, book recommendations, and more.

An Ode to a Broken Marker: Why Not?

Sometimes it takes a child’s perspective to remind us that poetry is all around us. MsMac is a library media specialist at Silver Star Elementary in Vancouver, Washington. Throughout the month of April, she’s been working with a group of fourth-grade students writing poems about inanimate objects in the classroom. We loved Ruben’s tribute to a broken marker and Tim’s ode to the calendar.

Lost and forgotten marker
I am as leaky as a river coming into the sea
overused, gross, ugly
we chucked you in the trash
yucky, unneeded, broken marker


Organized calendar
I’m as…

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The Obligation of Repaying The Debt.

Taking a loan (debt) is a form of mu'amalat (social and economic dealings) that is allowed by the Islamic Shari'ah to its adherents in facilitating their daily affairs. There are several conditions that have been stipulated by Muslim scholars upon the debtor and creditor so that such provision that is allowed in Islam does not get abused. Islam deems debt as a practice that is permissible when there arise genuine need and significance.....

The Wisdom Of Giving

Wealth is something that is desired by humans. In attaining wealth, at times friends become foes. Because of wealth, siblings would turn against each other. Due to the greed for wealth, one forgets about halal and haram. While engrossed in attaining wealth, the ibadah (worship) unto Allah gets neglected. These are among the challenges pertaining to wealth.......

Can You Invest with Borrowed Money?

I want to know whether it is permissible to borrow money for investments. Does Allah forbid us from buying goods or making investments (even if they are halal) using borrowed money, or does He stop us only from borrowing haram funds? Please, clarify the principle involved here, since I am unclear whether to borrow or not, for halal investments from halal sources?

How to judge your work

Food for your thought…

Danny Gregory

When peacocks are hatched, they are ugly grey balls of fluff. When you snap a Polaroid, it is grey, then murky, washed out. When a baker puts a cake in the oven, it is runny, mealy, and inedible. A great burgundy goes into the bottle as grape juice. When a marathoner crosses the finish line, her body is depleted, her heart is erratic, her brain is mush. When you are clinging to the side of a mountain, your face pressed against the granite — you can’t see its shape against the sky, its majesty.

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